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im susie. 16. england. I like art, green smoothies and alt-j. I try not to think too much.

Anonymous said: what skincare products/brand do you use? what moisturiser in particular? love your blog x

Well i really struggle with my skin but literally within the the last 4/5 days I’ve stopped using every product and am only using coconut oil to take my make up of at night and rinsing my face in the morning with water and it’s worked wonders! I highly recommend it especially if you’re having skin problems. Also I’ve found that going vegan has seriously kept my skin so much softer and naturally moisturised.

Anonymous said: what mascara do you use?

An Este Lauder and i love it! It’s a lengthening one but i can’t remember the exact name of it as i use it so much that the packaging has rubbed off!

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