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im susie. 16. england. I like art, green smoothies and alt-j. I try not to think too much.



Do you ever just look at someone and I don’t mean just glance at them but really study them and you see the way their eyelids fold and the way their lips curl and dimples appear and see laughter in their eyes when they smile and think “wow I literally don’t want to be with anyone else ever for the rest of eternity”

That is how I look at my boyfriend.

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Anonymous said: what are the ingredients of your green smoothies?

Honestly i can’t remember the last time i had a green smoothie but my favourite is pineapple and spinach, I’m not one for hundreds or ingredients or superfood powders…fresh is always best and keep it simple


succulents make me smile :)

the messiness of my room correlates to my mental health


Moose when he was a baby! He is now living at Wildwood Farm Sanctuary (Newberg, OR) and making new friends 

Flat as a pancake

Alt j was magical

Anonymous said: what happened?

With what??

best thing thats ever happened to me

thanks for 9 swell months